Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Recipe Roundup :: Americana flavors

Ultimate Sticky Buns

It's Election Day. I'll be voting this morning, and you should too! Election Day also means a busy night for me, working in the newsroom, but it's always one of the most exciting. No matter how you're spending the remainder of your day, we all need to eat. So I've rounded up some recipes with classic Americana flavors.

Ultimate Sticky Buns
Sticky buns, they're one of my favorite treats. I spent yesterday morning tackling this recipe from one of my old Bon App├ętit issues. I love to bake, but these sticky buns were more complex than what I make regularly. But it was definitely worth the extra time and effort. I love how the flaky exterior hides a soft, sticky center, and the toasted pecans and glaze are what really makes these ultimate sticky buns stand out.

Apple Dutch Baby
Some say there's nothing more American than apple pie. Well I can't wait to give apple dutch baby recipe a try. It combines all that cinnamon apple flavor with a fluffy oven-baked pancake and feels like the perfect dish for fall and family gatherings.

Caramelized Vidalia Onion and Potato Gratin
When people ask me my favorite food, I almost always answer potato. It's not an expected answer, but there's so much opportunity to make something amazing with them. And potatoes are a native crop to the Americas so it felt fitting to include them in this list. I like how Bobby Flay's recipe incorporates the sweetness of the onions to balance the otherwise savory dish. It's a little surprise from the traditional potato gratin.

Chocolate Chunk Blondies
I've always enjoyed watching Barefoot Contessa because Ina Garten's show is so inviting and her recipes are easy to follow. Even when the ingredients are unfamiliar or the list is long, I feel confident I can tackle them with ease. Blondies are a dessert bar somewhere between a cookie and a brownie. I am looking forward to trying this richer take on the tried-and-true chocolate chip cookie.

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